Small to Medium Enterprises


Productivity boost enabling Global Expansion

GoFundraise, a thriving organisation in the not-for-profit sector, has experienced remarkable success in recent years, opening doors to extensive growth possibilities in the US and UK markets.

Recognising the potential advantages of an external perspective, GoFundraise, already equipped with a skilled in-house technology team, sought the expertise of our specialists to conduct a comprehensive review of their Delivery and Technology practices.

By embracing Software At Scale’s recommendations and incorporating best practices, GoFundraise has been able to enhance productivity, optimise operations, and fortify their technology infrastructure. These improvements have positioned the company for continued growth and facilitated their ambitious plans for global expansion.

Through our partnership, we aim to further empower GoFundraise by providing tailored solutions, innovative strategies, and ongoing support to maximise their potential and ensure sustained success in the ever-evolving commercial lending landscape.


Scale for online auction start-up

GraysOnline, a key player in the Australian market, sought our expertise to address the challenges posed by their rapid growth. Their technology platform was struggling to keep up with increasing volumes, hindering scalability and overall performance. Our objective was to conduct an in-depth review of the platform, assess its architecture and code base, and implement a range of improvements to enhance scalability, efficiency, and ensure continued success.

Windrose Wines

Drive business growth through innovation

We embarked on a transformative project aimed at elevating the Windrose Wines online presence and delivering exceptional user experiences. Through our collaborative approach and innovative strategies, Windrose Wines experienced remarkable benefits throughout the project lifecycle.

By implementing new product features and leveraging the power of AI, we provided personalised experiences that significantly improved customer satisfaction. The optimisation of their product offering successfully attracted a wider audience and expanded brand visibility. As a result, Windrose solidified their market position and established a stronger online presence within the competitive wine industry.